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How to add yourself to the waitlist

This waitlist feature is great if you are needing to get in for a certain day and/or time that has already been booked. We occasionally get cancellations and we love to keep our appointment books booked up as much as we can. This feature will automatically send you a notification once a spot opens up.  Follow the steps below to get yourselves added to the waitlist!

P.S-- If you are a new client with us please join here

Step 1

First, choose your services and a time and date that works best for you. Once you land on the calendar page you may see an "Sorry, all booked up" message pop if there are no available slots. Underneath this message you will see "Join Waitlist" button. Here you will join yourself to the waitlist!

Step 2

Next, add in the dates and time range that is best for you. The more availabilities you add the better chances you are to get an appointment slot!  Add in all the necessary details, then add yourself to the waitlist. You will get a notification immediately via text message once a spot opens up!

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