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January 2021 Salon Updates

Happy January! It is a new month and new year. There are many exciting things coming to Polished Beauty this year. We are excited to let you know! We are a little over 6 months into this small business world and we are enjoying every step of the way. We are thankful for you guys continuous support! Here are your January updates:

Starting Feb. 1st we are doing a small price increase to select services. This change will apply to all appointments already pre-booked in February and to future appointments. Please make note of this change as this will go into effect in a few weeks (February 1st). At PB we have decided to specialize in natural nails and natural nail care. With that being said we are discontinuing our hard gel full sets to future clients. We love to see our clients grow out their own nails with a hard gel overlay, dip powder or a simple gel polish manicure. Because we are taking away this service we still would like to give our clients an option if they would like to have long nails for special occasions. Apres Gel-X is a special nail extension system that is created with full covered tips made out of gel. This full tip is placed and cured on the nail bed with extended gel. Further shaping and drilling is used to help blend the nail and make it more seamless and finished off with a gel polish of your choice. The best thing about this system is that it can be easily soaked off with no damage and heavy drilling. Book this service online under our Gel-X nail extension tab. Available for online booking February 1st!

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Along with adding a new nail extension service we are also adding a new permanent pedicure to our service list. This pedicure is called Total Hydration. This is the perfect pedicure to get during these winter months where our skin can feel the most dehydrated. This pedicure includes a relaxing massage, a repair foot serum, hydrating mask, and finished off with a warm paraffin wax. Book this service online under our Pedicure tab. Available for online booking this Friday January 15th!

There you go! A lot of updates but more amazing services and treatments being added to our service list. Please take the time to try out one of our new services including our seasonal spa manicure/pedicure, Peppermint Mocha. This service is still available but only for a couple more months before our spring scent comes out. Please stay tuned for more exciting news to come for PB this year!


Polished Beauty

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